22 Nov 2012

Life goes on

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Thanks to many of your support, my defense went well yesterday. It was kind of unreal to hear the committee congratulating and hugging me. More than five years ended in two hours.

I am glad that I woke up feeling like the same person this morning. I even managed to pick up books from the library and did some grocery shopping at the Korean grocery. I did some cooking, watched some drama, still found myself in tears easily.

Indeed, tomorrow is just another day away.


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謝謝 ,感覺不太真實,結束後適逢美國感恩節,也跟著休假了好幾天。太悠閒了,剛發現好像錯過了申請學校成績單讓外交部駐外辦事處驗證的時間,不知道是否能趕上一個台灣工作申請的截止日期...為什麼台灣有這麼多繁文縟節呢?而且這一來一往,為了成績單就要花上好幾千啊。真不喜歡這種預設詐欺行為的系統。