21 Apr 2010

After so many years...

I was almost crying when I came across the passage about the inferno of the living that is written by Calvino in "Planning in the Public Domain" (by John Friedmann). It was cited by Friedmann to end his epilogue for the book (p.417).

How come it takes me so many years to find this/arrive at this page?

I was still a college student majoring in Architecture as i got "the invisible city" by Calvino (translated in Chinese). That was in 1998.

Friedmann's book was the most important textbook taught in the first year in my planning master program. That was 2001. I did not read it in English. I was always absent-minded in class. I hope it is still taught, even though i had no idea how important it is at that time.

Now, in 2010, I am stressed out in Seattle reading the epilogue, which is actually not in my bibliography. Loving it, but so much regret coming to that page so late. Somehow i feel like those disconnections(intellectual, personal, whatever) i went through is suddenly bridged at the very second.

What can I say? you never know how far it is between two places, two lines, even two versions of the same story.

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