17 Sep 2005




Hi there!
I have sad news – I’m giving up my HereMy.com.
It was lots of fun doing this website and watch it growing, but I also were spending lots money on it.
This website got really big and required more attention, maintains and upgrades – I just could not keep up with it any more.

I have only two options: charge for service or sell the site.
If you know some one who will be interesting to take over and buy the website, please let me know.

Sorry for letting you down, but I’m just a simple webmaster whos going to broke soon :(

Please download all you pictures by the end of the month in case could not find any one to buy it.
I’m planning to stop the server on October 1, 2005.

Best regards,
So bye bye all of the online memory before 2005.4. From now on they will be only kept in my mind.

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